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My working life has always involved working closely with people and delivering results. For nearly 30 years I have run behaviour programmes and been involved with many other methods of working with and analysing personality, performance and behaviour. Having enjoyed significant business success I believe that if we first build the people the people will build the business. Which in no way reduces the focus on clear business strategy and purpose. As a result I've already helped 11 people become Millionaires. 

So what do I do?... I inspire transformation

 A brief history 

35 years in healthcare Services. Pharma, Med devices, Med Tech and the Care sector Key player in building the worlds biggest Pharma services business Innovex/Quintiles, driving consistent growth from 30- 60% per annum. From the UK to the USA and Europe

Chaired 6 businesses and been on 11 Boards from £300m to start up. Raised funds and driven successful exits. 

Qualified as a Coach with Shirlaws the leading Global Coaching business. Still running and developing behaviour programmes. A Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. 

I own and run a Care business and am also a Non Exec Director of 2 companies involved in leading edge marketing support, such as Word of Mouth marketing I Coach a wide range of clients in multiple sectors. Understand the numbers, believe its strategy and people that make it all work. Have a look at my profile for full details and links

Business Info

Excelat ( is about the business of excellence. With over 30 years running successful businesses and studying and delivering programmes around behaviour I see excellence in most people and organisations.

I also see the gaps. I help leaders and business owners create value and get more from life. I will help you understand that creating Value is much more than P&L and more about how we create a sustainable business that is more attractive to potential buyers. 

It usually takes very personal discussions about you and detailed and challenging discussions about where your business could go and how you can get there. This is when you become inspired to transform. I help individuals understand who they are and how they can get the most from life.

I run a series of 8 workshops based around core behaviours and how the brain works and how this affects the way we communicate, manage time, solve problems, structure teams, motivate, handle conflict, serve customers and more. These are all the more effective when run in larger groups as the learnings quickly become visible to the participants. Only when we really understand ourselves can we understand and manage others 

WOMTWO enterprises

Word of mouth Marketing is recognised as the most effective form of marketing and contrary to popular belief it doesn't happen on line, over 80% of all WoM marketing happens verbally between real people! We all trust a friend yet few people really trust an Advert.

People think all we need to do is just talk to people about our product and that's WoM, however it isn't! it has been shown there is a process behind this and a method to be learned to really make WoM work. What you say to people really matters, because if you are not specific and clear about how you would like to be referred, they will make it up and their words like "cheap" or "expensive" might not be what you need?! Our first step is to offer you the chance to use our referalize test and find out how 100 people rate your referral in terms of its persuasiveness and virality, the results can be a shock and we show you how to improve this essential WoM starter message. https;//  

Following that our WoMTWO i.e." Word of Mouth that works" programme is the first online training programme to take you through the complete WoM process , we help you identify Advocates and Champions [ you need to really understand this] we explain the differences between low volume high intimacy and high volume low intimacy approaches and how to prepare and run a WoM campaign. What differentiates us is that we are the first programme to show you "how". There are great books that explain the why, no one has gone to the detail required to make this your best marketing tool . Our programme has been run for over 10 years, won awards and has now been converted to an on line programme. Have a look 

The Homecare people Ltd  (  )

The Homecare People Ltd is a Domiciliary care provider. Simply put we look after elderly people in their own homes. Over 90% of elderly people would prefer to stay at home as long as they can and we enable that. Yet its surprising how many people think when a loved one is failing they have to go into a Home? not so. We handle a range of care from companionship to personal and complex care, including end of life care and providing Live in carers too. I am fortunate to be on the Board of the Berkshire Care association and so get a very broad view of the issues in Care and a range of solutions. I do coach and mentor in this sector.

Location Wokingham
Phone 07976 607578


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