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Adam Strong


Adam is a former elite athlete that trained with Mo Farah for 3 years and uses his skills from his athletic career and delivers world class results for entrepreneurs and medium sized companies.  He is a serial entrepreneur and has 4 different business from health, to real estate and consulting. 

He spends his spare time with his partner in Sweden and his children in the UK. 

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Corporate Productivity Authority, Author, Speaker and Former Elite Athlete

>>>For Corporates 

You know how challenging it is for companies to increase productivity, decrease costs and get a return on investment in high salaried executives? 


I do this both in the short term by reducing absenteeism and presenteeism by 25% and in the long term improve retention through my programme ‘STRONG, a highly effective 5 step process combining fitness, mindset, nutrition, work-life balance and accountability. 

To receive specific projections on how much I could potentially make or save your company after implementing my ‘Strong’ program, click on the link to schedule a call with me >>>

>>>For HR Directors and Managers 

You know how difficult it can be for human resources directors and managers to manage and run a department or organisation with daily challenges with so little time? 


I bring HR directors, managers and team members together at my HR masterclass in London, which guarantees time and money savings. To increase efficiency and productivity schedule a free consultation here

>>>For Entreprenuers

You know how frustrating it can be to grow a business, working harder and not smarter 


I have an online coaching course called 'Accelerated outcomes' the number one course for increasing performance, productivity and profits. I will personally coach you for 87 days and my goal is to help you achieve more results, more revenue and feel more empowered. Get it here

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