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Chris Day is passionate about publishing and helping people who have spent a lifetime making regular deposits into the Bank of Knowledge to make a withdrawal - and turn their knowledge into income.  He is an author and ghostwriter, speaker and coach and founded Filament Publishing nearly two decades ago. He is also the founder of the professional network for authors, AuthorCraft which meets every month at the the Institute of Directors  at 116 Pall Mall.

Many of his authors are business owners or entrepreneurs want to use their book s to raise their profile in their market place; position themselves  as an expert in their field; make them media friendly and a 'go-to' person for knowledge and inspiration.

Prior to starting his publishing company, Chris was with the head office of Encyclopaedia Britannica in change of training and communications. As one of the largest publishers in the world at that time, Brtiannica gave Chris a great love of books,  innovative marketing techniques and routes to market.  

Chris gives talks to potential authors around the country and help them to understand how to use their knowledge to build a successful business, with their books at the heart of it.


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Filament Publishing Ltd is based in Croydon for no good reason and we wake up to the sound of the birds coughing every morning.

We recognise that today’s authors need to be proficient in a wide range of skills to build a following, and to raise their profile in all the social media platforms, so we provide opportunities for authors to learn and become self-sufficient as author-preneurs. It is not just what you get, as what you become.

Filament offers traditional publishing services, without any author contribution, to established authors with an existing track record of sales, a substantial following on social media, and a high media profile.

For up and coming authors of business books, mind body spirit, true stories and biographies, we offer Partnership Publishing where both the author and the publisher work together and play to their individual strengths to produce an outcome that neither could achieve on their own. Partnership Publishing involves an author contribution.

For authors of children’s books, Christian and religious titles, and fiction books, we offer a menu of specific services on a Pick’n’Mix basis which support authors who are self-publishing. This include access to BOOKFLOW, a standalone global book distribution solution for self-published authors.

We publish, print and distribute worldwide into 220 countries. We also have titles in Chinese and Arabic.

Filament also acts as a literary scout on behalf of a leading literary agent to seek out title that have potential for mass market appeal and meet the criteria of the large publishing houses.

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