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Pippa Turley


My job is helping people to live a healthy, active life especially through my association with all natural, toxin-free products which vastly improve our health and well-being and the immediate environment we live in.

I am an Age Group Triathlete, Silver Medalist at the World Masters Games 2017 and formerly 8th in the World.

I have represented both New Zealand and Great Britain and raced in 6 World Championships, 3 European Championships and 1 World Masters Games over the last 7 years

Finally, but by no means least, I am a mum of three great kids! 

Business Info

I'm a Independent Distributor of natural, toxin-free products to help with people's well-being - check out the links below for more information. 

TRAVEL LOVERS. Get access to wholesale prices on travel, 5* trips for 2* prices. Cheaper than well known online travel agents such as  Exclusive access to the backend system that travel agents do not want you to know about! Ariix Travel

BUSINESS OWNERS, if you are tired of footing the cost of staff sick days and want to provide a healthy environment for your staff, then consider using portable Air Purification Systems within your building. Check out this Award winning air purifier, the best on the market, that removes 99.99% of particulates, microbes and dangerous gases from your home and office. It is small, portable, energy efficient and quiet  Puritii Air Purifiers & Water Filter Bottles

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Are you sick of the commute, working for someone else, time poor and becoming financially free is a distant dream? Then check out this opportunity where you can be your own boss, work as hard or as little as you want, be in charge of your own destiny and most importantly EARN RESIDUAL INCOME or beach money as I like to call it! Business Opportunity

GENERAL HEALTH & WELL-BEING. These days it is a sad fact that we cannot get all the nutrients we need through food alone, the planet is over-farmed and foods are just not as nutrient dense as they used to be. I have heard many a top professional speak and the over-riding message is we need to supplement our diets. How great it is if we can do this with NATURAL, TOXIN-FREE supplements and superfoods. Click here for more information: Nutrifii

WEIGHT LOSS IN A HEALTHY WAY, no meal replacement shakes here, just great wholesome food and a natural product to help you stem those cravings and curb your appetite Slenderiiz

WRINKLES & FINE LINES, maybe like me you're not so young anymore! How about a way to remove wrinkles and fine lines without the use of chemicals, botox or any other horror on the market. Jouve

ORGANIC TOILETRIES, our skin is our biggest organ and anything we put on our body will get absobed into our system. These products are 100% organic with no harmful sulphates or parabens and certainly no animal testing. Reviive

ESSENTIAL OILS, the purest ingredients have been formulated to offer an easy, natural solution to create harmony in our lives Priime

ESSENTIAL BEAUTY, complementary natural products to create beauty on the inside and the outside Beauty 

TRIATHLON, through my years of experience as an Age Group Triathlete, I can also offer advice on triathlon, whether it be your first time or whether you're a seasoned athlete who just wants to improve. 

Location KT10 8LD
Phone 07944697325







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