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Steve Woods


I am passionate about good marketing and how it can be used as an antidote to some of the "false news" that seems to be able to exert disproportinate influence in today's connected World.

Good marketing begins with honesty and delivers core messages which are at the same time, truthful and informative whilst delivering brand awareness and product desirability.

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Online marketing is scary... isn't it?

Most businesses today are acutely aware that it is becoming a vital necessity to promote themselves online via social media marketing as well as with Google.

The problem is that many don't know how to, so they either don't do it, or they outsource it to "experts". - In either case, the result is very often that their marketing gets lost in a confusing forest of messages and fails to atract its target audience.

The answer: Learn to do it for themselves by joining the YourBusiness Live club

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