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Lucy Walker


I never cease to be excited by business. For me it’s all about the people and the possibilities. It’s about creating something from nothing, making something work better or making something work that was failing. In the last twenty years I have worked with start-ups and century old businesses, public and private, multi-nationals and one man bands. I have started and exited several of my own businesses across several sectors and have advised countless business owners on improving their businesses.

These days my focus is on businesses which have a positive impact on people’s lives. This can be as simple as helping small groups build sustainable income streams or businesses with products or services which improve mental or physical health. 

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Flourish CBD is on a mission to help bring the benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol) to the world: to improve understanding, to dispel myths and to source only the best CBD products from around the world. CBD oil is completely legal in the UK and contains no psychoactive elements. CBD has a huge number of health benefits but it’s not classified as a medicine here so can only be sold as a food supplement. However, as it is not yet regulated, not all CBD products are created equal and there are varying strengths and qualities and methods of extraction. 








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