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Roger Gewolb


I am a serial entrepreneur who has spent much of his life in the financial sector and in doing so I have become very knowledgeable about the sector. This experience has enabled me to become the founder of the Campaign for Fair Finance™ and my current venture,

In my career I have started several lending companies and indeed I was instrumental in founding the non-prime motor finance sector, allowing people to afford to purchase a car who might otherwise been unable to do so.

My experience within the finance, and more particularly lending space, has afforded me the opportunity to advise the Bank of England, The Law Commission and the Treasury on various aspects of asset finance policy. Indeed I am currently assisting the regulators and some leading parliamentary figures to reform the UK credit and lending industries to create a fairer and more transparent environment.

At the same time, I also advise several charities and social enterprises on their financial and media strategies and help a number of exciting businesses across a spectrum of sectors and industries.

My experience within this industry sector has allowed me to become a media pundit and commentator on many consumer and particularly consumer finance issues and to become an ethical advisor to the emerging crypto currency and blockchain markets.

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FairMoney™ is a completely new loan comparison website. Unlike many other similar sites, we endeavour to treat each and every customer in an equitable way by  finding them the loan that is appropriate to their financial circumstances. Please click on and read our FairMoney™ Promise which states “we believe that customers deserve a fairer, better loan comparison experience”.

It is a fact unfortunately that in todays world it is those with the most money that are able to borrow more at the cheapest rates. If you are in a parlous financial position it is often difficult and certainly expensive to borrow even the smallest amount of money. This is all the more difficult if you need the money quickly which is invariably the case.

It is from this inequitable state of affairs that was born. It is the newest loans comparison site, designed for everybody but particularly for those people struggling to get the loan they need. Obviously if you have a bad credit history, getting a good loan is going to be significantly harder but we believe that there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to at least get a fair loan!

There are already a plethora of loan comparison sites out there which purport to find the best deal available but we at are not convinced that some of these sites are not in fact doing this. We believe that some may in fact be showing the deals according to which lenders pay them the most for advertising! 

We at are completely opposed to this practice!

We believe that the only way to make the loan market work for vulnerable people with  poor credit histories, or those in need of short term money quickly, is to search and present the widest selection of responsible lenders and then rank them in a totally transparent and fair manner.

And, if we think the loan rates aren’t fair, you won’t find them on our site. That’s why we’ve drawn up our FairMoney™ promise to you.

My videos on Stamp Duty, Blockchain et al can be found at:


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