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John Shepard


Despite being a city dweller (in my case London) I have always been a very keen pursuer of country sports, particularly fishing and shooting. I began to find that it was difficult to get bespoke trips and holidays across the world based on these particular interests. I felt sure that I would not be alone in struggling to find very specialist, bespoke travel services. This was particularly as I often liked to combine business trips with my personal interests so I needed a specialist who was knowledgeable about both and could understand and accommodate my needs and wishes. At that time such a thing did not exist and that is why I decided to set up Independent Travel Concierge.

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International Travel Concierge (ITC) is a very specialist business focused on busy business executives who like to combine their business travel and their personal pursuits. Whilst originally it was set ups to focus on country pursuits, it now covers a whole range of activities - in fact at ITC we like to think that we can access any area of personal interest for our clients and to achieve this we have a broad range of client service providers who have many years experience of a huge number of sectors. All our trips are as a result completely bespoke, as befits the discerning traveller and business executive.

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