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Will Graham


I graduated from the University of Warwick with a BSc Hons in Mathematics & Statistics. Since leaving university I have become Founder and Director of

While studying I played an active role in the family nursing home business, The Graham Care Group, and have continued as a Graduate Trainee alongside my work with FlexiFly, being involved with all areas of the business.

For some years I have been actively involved in international motorsport and achieved numerous awards as co-driver to a European Rally Champion (my dad!). It was these experiences of weekends in Europe that partly inspired us about how we could make air travel more flexible and convenient. The calibre of competitors we met on events have given us insight into the potential our alternative to traditional aircraft charter has.

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FlexiFly  provides ‘Low Cost Private Air Travel for Anyone, Anywhere’. We give customers the ability to easily hire a Pilatus PC12 (photo below) using our online booking system. The Pilatus PC12 is the bestselling pressurised single-engine turboprop in the world.

All customers hire on a “dry hire” basis, meaning the owners of the aircraft are not involved in operating it and the customer doesn’t just book a seat on the plane but books the entire plane itself. As a result of this arrangement, an expensive Air Operators Certificate doesn’t need to be sourced by the owner, allowing the customer to enjoy private air travel in a cost-effective and more flexible way than ever before.

Customers are then effectively being given the keys to their very own aircraft and can determine when and where they want to use it, giving maximum flexibility. If plans change or meetings overrun, there is no need to stress about missing any flights.

With our online booking system doing the work for the customer, FlexiFly can then help them to source world class pilots, all from the comfort of their own home. Once a pilot has been sourced, they arrange all other elements of the customer’s trip.

All that’s left to do then is turn up to the airport – and better yet, drive onto the tarmac right up to the steps of the aircraft – and head off on a trip of a lifetime.

The website is

Location KT12 5BP
Phone 07545 372118




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