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Michael Doree


I am a huge believer in customer service and have a strong sense of how to get it right.

Having studied Pharmacology at Southampton University (all those years ago), I made the decision to move into mainstream commercial business and love being at the sharp end of sales and marketing.

Facilitating success is a passion of mine and this combined with a natural entrepreneurial focus is one of the main reasons I set up Refersquare.

As CEO, my primary focus at this stage is to make as many sales people aware that we exist. I also spend time engaging with the new users to ensure they are getting the most out of the app and to gather important feedback on how we can improve what we do.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and being out in the countryside on my bike.

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Creating strong, long lasting relationships with customers is of paramount importance in the competitive world we live in.

ReferSquare gives you the ability to go that extra mile for your customers.

Maybe your client loves your product or service but doesn’t have a budget currently available. Some of the service providers on ReferSquare could actually bridge this gap and create a budget for your client. This results in you selling your great product, your client being able to use a great product and you get paid a referral fee in the process.

Its win – win all round.

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