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How do you define success? Is it based on your net worth? Is it that moment when you are finally living the life that you have always envisioned? Or do you define success by how you are able to influence people through your decisions, charm and authority? Others may argue that success is a perspective. True enough, we live in a world where dreams vary yet more often than not are meant to be chased and only those who persevere get to have the taste of it. I never met a woman who has magnified success in every aspect of life - not until I met Vikki Thomas. 

Vikki’s success story is genuinely something everybody can connect with.  She didn’t grow up with opportunities served to her on a silver platter but she had one thing all of us have – A Dream.   That, coupled with determination. Like the rest of us, her dreams didn’t happen overnight, but she definitely made them happen. She had the drive to overcome hurdles and made the most out of every situation. 

We could be a little green-eyed sometimes when people around us become so successful, but not with Vikki. She always shares a piece of herself and makes sure that you are part of her quest,  and because of this, you can only feel sincere happiness for her. 

Of all values in life, compassion is one of those that is hardest to fake, and Vikki holds on to this in her core.  Her authenticity, commitment, integrity, and compassion for others made her the Real Estate Investor,  International Speaker,  Serial Entrepreneur, and the Author that she is today; these, plus being A Wife, A Mother, A Friend – A Power Woman.

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Vikki Thomas is a tremendous woman with great core values as a person, but she is also a person with great business knowledge and wisdom that we could all benefit from. With more than a decade experience in the Real Estate and as a self-made Entrepreneur, Vikki Thomas is a person with an outstanding and very credible profile that we can all look forward to and learn from. She finished a degree in Property Management and Investment with honors. She is also a member of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). As a person with great love for people, she has become an international speaker who continuously shares her ventures to her audiences across countries. The powerful message she leaves has captivated and inspired audiences of all social groups and walks of life.

A Power Woman stops at nothing. She is bold and feisty and does not cower from someone else’s opinion, she takes courage from it instead. This is exactly why Vikki has made an International Speaker out of herself. She loves travelling, meeting people, and listening to their stories. Her consistent interest to learn from others and from her own experiences have given her the chance to have a few exchanges with the world’s most prominent entrepreneurs. During a sit down talk with American billionaire Mark Norcross, he explains to Vikki how women in business can be more “emotional” which is why “they can get more detailed and look at things a lot deeper, with more affection.”  

She continues on her journey to share her knowledge to thousands of audiences, to mentor entreprenuers from different regions of the world, and build a network of potential and established tycoons who intend to unite for a positive and supportive business community. 






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