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Alan Casey


I'm a purpose-led, nomadic, entrepreneur.

I believe that purpose-led business can play a leading role in creating more inclusive communities.  And that being purpose-led leads to amazing word of mouth stories being told about your organisation.

I'm nomadic because I constantly move between the land of my birth, England, the land where I spent half of my life, NZ, and the land where a lot of my development work occurs, Vietnam.

And I'm an entrepreneur because I just can't work in organisations any more.  There are too many issues and problems that I know how to fix, but never have the authority to act on.  So now I spend my time understanding the problems that organisations, have, articulating them, and then creating the solutions.

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WoMTWo is the world's first online Word of Mouth Marketing programme that not only explains why you need WoM, and what you need to do.  But also shows you HOW.  And gives you all of the tools, templates and tricks to effectively implement your learning, and launch ongoing WoM campaigns.

BizHealthCheck is an innovative approach to looking at the health of relationships in organisations, and across their value chains.   Created from my decades of senior leadership experience, BHC provides you with pictures of the health of the relationships;  takes you on a process of understanding why issues are apparent; and helps you to reveal their resolution.

And a third business is incredibly exciting, using cutting edge technologies to improve the competence and CONFIDENCE of people and leaders across organisations of all types.  But at the moment, it's very SECRET!






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