So how can a PR company benefit from organic exposure?

Traditional PR revolves around printed media and can be a backbreaking task but can a PR company achieve greater exposure with an organic listing on Google? The short answer is, Yes. And unlike traditional PR which can be difficult to quantify, with digital PR you should be able to measure your success via Google Analytics or other tools designed to track data and clicks.

Is it better to simply place a press release or allow it to be found organically?

To get the greatest impact from digital PR, you want backlinks; that is, links back to your website from other influential online resources or publications. So you’ll need to put together a list of websites, digital publications and influencers that are relevant to you and distribute your targeted content to them for publication with (hopefully) a backlink to your website. This will help you gain exposure, increase web traffic and this will improve your Google visibility and ranking. But don’t forget, your content should be SEO-friendly to let search engines know your company is a credible source of information.

How can a PR company achieve greater exposure for their clients and themselves?

Traditional PR companies will be adept at building relationships with journalists and editors of print titles to understand what each publication is looking for and get the best chance of coverage or direct approaches for contributions and feature articles. With digital PR, you’ll need a good working knowledge of SEO to help improve visibility generated from digital PR as well as building and nurturing those all-important relationships to get mentions and backlinks.

How can a PR company provide many of the services of a digital agency?

A digital agency will have plenty of in-house knowledge of Google’s guidelines and ranking signals to help shape the content to achieve maximum impact, and it will also be well-placed to make tweaks to digital PR strategies but may not have the content creation expertise or journalist contacts.

A PR company could make use of a service such as PR Newswire to distribute its content to a relevant and targeted network of publications and media outlets but you’ll pay a fee for the first 400 words, extra words and for the targeting. An alternative is to use a publishing platform that can help with content creation and promotion of organic content, automating the process with the ultimate aim of reaching a large online audience.  This type of platform would help a PR company complete with a digital agency.

Is digital PR the way forward for companies wanting exposure and growth?

Digital is the way forward for all companies wanting exposure, and a good digital strategy will include at least some of the following:

  • Publishing regular articles to gain backlinks
  • Publishing newsworthy content to be picked up by online publications
  • Engaging with bloggers and influencers to get mentions, backlinks and social media chatter
  • Engaging with journalists and editors to increase awareness, get invitations to quote or provide content for features 

Done well, this should improve your visibility and ranking on Google, increase website traffic, build trust, generate leads and (ultimately) sales.

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