Do you remember last years skiing trip and all that hassle trying to check in your boots and skis ? Could there be a simpler way?

Is using a single engine prop plane the easiest way to fly up a mountain? What is the easiest way to travel with skis other than on a commercial flight? If I am thinking of flying privately when is the best time to book a skiing holiday? How expensive is it to hire a private plane to take my family skiing? Where is my nearest airfield to the alps and how expensive is it from fly there?

Traveling with skiing equipment is an accident waiting to happen, with heavy and oversized baggage labels galore. Carrying skis on the mountain is bad enough, but if you combine that with an airport, it becomes unbearable. Also, the cost is astronomical, and the stress is even higher. But there is a simple solution to your problem – flying privately. Though hiring a private plane is undoubtedly expensive, it makes up for this extra cost by the lack of stress. Contrary to popular belief too, flying private is not that expensive, or isn’t as expensive as it used to be. Recently, the single engine prop plane has been legalised and regulated and allows for all the perks of private travel, without the astronomical costs. These planes are smaller, and fly lower, but can still reach the same destinations as commercial planes. For example, you can definitely make it to the Alps, or Pyrenees! These planes, being smaller, can also take off from much smaller airfields, making it much easier and more convenient for you. You can choose the closest airfield to your home, which will reduce your commute time drastically. Similarly, when you reach your destination, you can land at an airfield near to your resort, rather than having that sickening drive up the mountain. 

Private planes have no prescribed baggage allowance, apart from the weight allowance of the aircraft, so you can bring your ski’s and boots and any other sporting paraphernalia that you may want on your trip. Equally, there is enough room to do some retail therapy when you’re out there! These planes have a capacity of up to 9 people, so you can bring your entire family along with you. Or perhaps you’d rather have a “lads” trip and would prefer to fly your friends out. Both would make you very popular! In terms of avoiding unnecessary stress, flying commercial with children is the topic of nightmares. If you’re treating them to a holiday also, then why not remove your stress. Maybe they’ll behave in a private plane. It’s only a maybe, but it’s definitely worth a try!

Flying privately also has many other advantages. You won’t have to queue at all. Once you arrive at the airport, you can get straight on the plane, and after a few quick checks it’s time for take-off. Thankfully there are no check-in queues, or security. Also, you can plan your own schedule, and leave at whatever time you want. At small airfields there are no departure schedules, you don’t have to wait for any other planes. This also means that the risk of delays and cancellations is very small. Once you’re in the air, you can relax in the cabin, without listening to screaming children or snoring adults! 

So, what are you waiting for? Dream of the slalom and long mountain lunches - the precarious Courchevel airfield is waiting for you! 

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I graduated from the University of Warwick with a BSc Hons in Mathematics & Statistics. Since leaving university I have become Founder and Director of

While studying I played an active role in the family nursing home business, The Graham Care Group, and have continued as a Graduate Trainee alongside my work with FlexiFly, being involved with all areas of the business.

For some years I have been actively involved in international motorsport and achieved numerous awards as co-driver to a European Rally Champion (my dad!). It was these experiences of weekends in Europe that partly inspired us about how we could make air travel more flexible and convenient. The calibre of competitors we met on events have given us insight into the potential our alternative to traditional aircraft charter has.


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