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With private plane travel becoming cheaper by the day, it isn’t only large conglomerates who can afford to fly in style. The introduction of single engine prop planes allows clients to fly at a cheaper price and their small size allows them to fly from smaller, more convenient airfields. With that in mind, below are four reasons why you should think at hiring a private plane for your small business:

1. Time saving:Airport check in lines are long and boring. Airport security lines are equally long and boring. Oh and then there’s the wait in the airport terminal, though that’s perhaps not as boring – but still, you get my point. Flying private eliminates all of these stresses. There is no check in, no lines, and most importantly, no waiting. Once you arrive at the airport, or airfield, you’re good to go! For a business, this can save you valuable time. Also, private planes are rarely delayed as they don’t follow the schedule of commercial airlines. They follow your schedule. This will eliminate any panic when it turns out that your EasyJet staff are on strike. 

2. Arrive fresh and ready:By treating your staff to a flight filled with comfort and luxury, they will be poised and ready to go. Your team can also prepare for their meeting together on board without the listening ears of neighbours, or a crowd of crying babies. They’ll all be sat together, too.  And when they arrive, not only will they feel like a million dollars, they also won’t have the usual plane-induced back pain and blocked ears. Then, without the annoyance of a customs queue, you can drive straight to your meeting. 

3. Cost effective:Gone are the days when hiring a private plane was inaccessibly expensive. Due to the recent legalisation of the smaller Single-Engine-Prop-Plane, your flight will be a fraction of the price that it once was. These planes can also fly from local airfields eliminating the expensive transfer costs too. “Dry” hiring can also decrease the cost of your flight. Dry hiring is when you hire the plane without the accompanying staff, and therefore can organise your own trip with pilots that suit you. This is likely to be far cheaper than a company planned trip as you won’t have to pay the premium for their organisation. 

4. Efficiency: Flying private can make your journey far more efficient than flying commercial. The three reasons above highlight this even more. Private plane travel can make your life so much easier, and perhaps this out ways the slight price increase. This is particularly true if you need to transport a larger group of people. Due to the flat cost of the plane, the more people you take, the cheaper it becomes. 

There is no denying that flying private is an expensive business. However, with all the new innovations, hiring a private plane for all of your staff may be the answer to your problems. 

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