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I'm a huge fan of - I believe the idea of finding balance between work life and home life is incredibly hard to achieve on its own terms. You are constantly juggling finding your own business, with doing the business with family demands. It's much better than a corporate life but it's still hard - you want to pursue a better work-style.

That's why I wanted to write this article - how do you achieve a leap in business without breaking your back? The answer doesn't lie in doing more blogs, having more meetings or working harder, the answer lies in working smarter not harder.

There are 2 things you need to learn. The first is the science of word of mouth marketing. Now a lot of people in PR say "I know that" but when I challenge them I find out they don't. For a start your 'Fans' don't talk about you as much as your 'Champions'. Champions are people who don't use your services but recommend you a lot. 63% of marketing professionals feel Word of Mouth is the best form of marketing but only 6% of people know how to do it. In a nutshell - it's about creating a movement around your professional life that captivates the imagination of both your Fans and Advocates. Have you done that, apart from giving people good work what do you stand for? Even if you are creating a movement, we're missing a step.

Most freelance PR professionals, in my experience don't have a clear view of their life purpose. Getting your life purpose drives Word of Mouth, not the other way around. 70% of people working have no clear purpose other than 'family' - if you don't have a life purpose, you can't drive Word of Mouth because you don't know what to base it on. Getting a clear life purpose has these benefits:

  • A one point increase in strong purpose results in a 12% lower risk of dying
  • A one point increase in purpose gives 27% lower risk of heart attack, 17% lower risk of a night in hospital and 22% lower risk of stroke
  • Higher purpose results in better sex, better sleep and lower risks of depression.

The problem is that most approaches to finding life purpose aren't based on science. (check out Why? they focus on the rational and emotional - per second that's 27 pieces of information versus the unconscious 20,000 to 2 million per second. It's in the latter that most people find the clues to their life purpose, which leads to clearer Word of Mouth, which leads to that magic lifestyle balance of working on stuff you love as opposed to the tyranny of 'just finding income'. But most approaches to purpose don't work as they focus on the tiny bit of the mind - the rational and the emotional.

I'm happy to give half an hour to you for free as I believe in the aims of - that time will help you understand how to access your life purpose which unlocks the true potential of the work crowd idea. thanks -

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"Different to get better results". Jake is obsessed with marketing ROI. He helps companies amplify word of mouth to get business more easily. He uses Meanomathics to boost Comms cut through 10-30%. He uses co-creation to future proof innovation - he turned around a drinks category providing 15% growth using professional co-creation. And he helps top CEO and celebrities with their personal branding and brand purpose, which links back to Word of Mouth marketing. 

Worked with Vodafone,Kellogg'sMcDonalds,ANZ,McDonalds,Suntory,Danone,HSBC,Barclays,BAT,Meat Brands,Saatchi&Saatchi,Draft FCB,Fairbrother Industries, Les Mills, Holmes Place, Grey and a host of digital start-ups.

Jake Pearce is a specialist in brand planning, development & innovation. Jake is currently working on a Word of Mouth Marketing start-up, a personal branding start-up and new delivery systems for wellness products. - for brand development and innovation - for word of mouth marketing expertise


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