Is the new Klondike underwater?

Is the new Klondike under water? Is the new gold rush at the bottom of the worlds oceans? Is the concentration of gold in the seabed greater than on land? Have all the shipwrecks been found or do some remain undiscovered? Did the Spanish plunder the wealth of the Americas? Is deep sea mining the key to future gold production?

When we think about gold our minds immediately spring to inhospitable mines which are hot, held up by wooden beams with narrow gauge railway tracks running through them. That at least is the image we have all seen in innumerable films. However, the new Klondike could in fact be below the waves.

 Surely all the shipwrecks have been found by now?

With the breadth of modern tracking technology one could be forgiven for thinking that all the shipwrecks in our oceans would have long since been found. However, in reality nothing could be further from the truth! Given that 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water and we are only just beginning to be able to explore at depth, probably the vast majority of the sea bed remains undiscovered. By implication therefore, there will also be many shipwrecks down there that also remain undiscovered.

The Spanish plundered the wealth of the Americas

For several hundred years the Spanish plundered gold and silver from the Americas to be brought back to Europe and rather surprisingly they kept meticulous records and manifests of these trips. As a result, there is significant historical data that shows that many of these vessels never actually made it back to Europe as they foundered in the rough Atlantic. It is in fact estimated that there could be anything up to $100 billion worth of gold waiting for the brave marine salvagers to find. But it won’t be easy!

But shipwrecks are not the only source of riches on the seabed!

The diamond company, De Beers, has been harvesting diamonds from the seabed  off the coast of Southwest Africa since the 1960’s but this has only been possible because the water is relatively shallow. But elsewhere the seabed also contains a vast supply of gold and diamonds but getting at these resources is going to be difficult and costly. That said deep sea mining projects are starting all over the world (mainly in the Pacific) and with the benefit of new technology and practices the rewards will be huge. Scientists believe that the concentration of gold in the seabed will be far greater than anything found on land and have estimated that the value could be anything up to $150 trillion!

But it is not just the seabed!

The water in the oceans is also known to contain gold although it is found in such low concentrations that such dilution will very probably make any extraction completely unviable.

So the new gold rush could in fact be at the bottom of the worlds’ oceans. Whilst the price of gold remains relatively high the lure of this enticing, lustrous precious metal will almost certainly prove too great for deep sea mining companies.


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