Is your money safer kept as gold?

Is your money safer kept as gold? More amateur investors are now looking at gold Amateurs see gold as being less volatile Paper currencies could be extinct within 30 years People are turning to gold as a solution Amateurs believe gold is a powerful hedge Professionals invest in gold to balance their portfolio Should I invest in gold as a hedge? Can gold protect me from the next financial crisis? Why do people trust gold rather than banks? More amateurs see gold as a safe alternative Should I see gold as a safe alternative?

Given the volatility in both currencies and stock markets today, I wonder how many people are beginning to believe that their money may be better invested in gold rather than other vehicles? - So, is your money safer kept as gold?

Many amateur investors are now looking at gold.

Safety is one factor and value is another.

It could be argued that since 1913 the pound has lost the majority of its value and – if you believe the latest thinking - as paper currencies are predicted to become extinct within the next thirty years, it really might be time to consider another medium of exchange.

Whilst inflation is currently at 2.5% - 3%, the UK bank base rate is way below this currently (0.5%). When the banks use our invested money, it could be argued that the return doesn’t really cover the loss caused by inflation. Over the last ten years the Bank of England has printed and issued around £500 billion, (‘quantitative easing’) which if not unwound, could eventually lead to further stoking inflation.

According to a poll conducted by YouGov in 2016, -   - over half of the population (52%) do not trust banks to keep their money safe and 51% of people believe a global financial crisis is imminent.

With such apparent caution and even distrust over how we currently trade, where our money is stored and who controls it, more people are turning to gold as a solution to all these challenges, and it’s not hard to see why.

Security is the thing.

Gold has maintained its purchasing power and has outlived all other forms of currency down through history and is universally accepted by everyone, everywhere, at any time.

It remains independent as it is a powerful resistant hedge against the machinations of governments and manipulations by central banks.  

Throughout various financial crises, gold has remained safe, steady and has demonstrated financial security and protection from systemic risks and financial disasters brought on by volatility in a world where geopolitics can affect currencies and stock markets in hours.

It has an indisputable track record.

For thousands of years it has been seen as THE valuable commodity; holding its value, and increasing over time.

Gold is generally a secure investment which can be easily purchased, and with the rise of online bullion retailers, it can be bought within a few clicks and delivered safely and securely to your door.

If you are considering making a move and buying gold, there are several options available.

From purchasing small amounts to test the water to storing larger amounts in a secure independent safe, anyone can rely on gold, no matter what their budget is.

Many amateur investors are looking at gold as either a part of their portfolio of investments, or as a safe alternative to market volatility.

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I am an entrepreneurial retailer and wholesaler with a strong track record of achievement and success in E-Commerce within a B2C environment.

For over 30 years I have successfully founded, created and operated businesses within Men’s High St retail and online optical. I’ve built successful, high-performing teams – both technical and non-technical and always enjoyed developing profitable, long-term relationships with clients. 

It hasn’t all been plain sailing. I’ve learnt some hard lessons along the way that have shaped my ‘people first’ approach. I have a laser focus when it comes to margin, I believe profit tops turnover, cash is king and putting the customer first builds the right reputation. I’ve worked extensively with clients and suppliers all across the globe – giving me a truly international perspective in understanding cultural nuance and sensitivity.

By the very nature of my career to date, I have a very broad business experience and perspective. From developing international supply chains, merchandising and store design to raising VC funding, negotiating with banks and property agents and building high performance E-commerce sites – I believe I can bring value and insight to solve a broad range of business challenges.

Throughout my business career hindsight would have been a wonderful thing. I feel that I’m now able to share my knowledge and experience with others and help them avoid pitfalls and overcome the challenges that I’ve faced over a thirty-year career. In addition I believe my e-commerce knowledge and experience is very much at the cutting edge – enabling me to not only support ‘traditional’ small business – but also add value to those looking to establish themselves in the digital economy.

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E-commerce business seeding and transformation

I am also a Director of London Gold Bullion.



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