How does a first-time amateur gold investor find a trusted and reputable supplier?

Where should an amateur go to invest in gold? How should amateurs store gold ? Should amateurs buy gold online? Where should first time amateur gold investors go? Amateur gold investors need a trusted source How do amateur gold investors find a trusted supplier? How do I research gold suppliers? How do I find a reputable supplier of gold?

Where should an amateur go to invest in gold? This is an important question for the first time investor. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of Gold suppliers when you search online and this is a good place to start. 

Make sure that whoever you look at is fully authorised to deal in gold and says so on their web site. 

Creating your shortlist online is a good first step since you can compare prices but make sure you compare like with like since there are a wide variety of gold brands and not all supply gold of the same quality.

Amateur gold investors need a trusted source.

The simplest way to find a trusted source is to buy a trusted brand name in Gold. There are a large number of Gold brand to choose from and they include brands such as:

  • China Mint
  • Istanbul Gold Refinery
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • The Royal Mint
  • World Gold Council
  • Umicore

A good dealer in gold will offer you these reputable brands and many more.

How do amateur gold investors find a trusted supplier?

Finding a trusted supplier takes a bit of research but most of the information is online. When you review the websites of potential supplier look for some important indicators such as;

  • Does the gold supplier sell a wide variety of quality brand names
  • Is the supplier authorised to deal in gold
  • Does the supplier offer added value services such as storage or secure transportation of your gold

Give the supplier a call and see what you think.

Should amateurs buy gold online?

Buying higher value products online has become very secure so gold is no exception to this. Most reputable gold retailers will ensure that your gold purchase is shipped to you in a secure and discreet manner so don’t worry

How should amateurs store gold?

You have bought your gold and you now want to store it safely. First thing is to make sure that you have insured your Gold against loss or theft. Your insurers will insist that you either buy a high-quality safe and install it at home or store with an approved third party. Many gold dealers will offer high quality secure facilities as an alternative. One of the popular locations for storage is within one of the four ‘Assay’ offices in the UK in London, Sheffield, Birmingham and Edinburgh. They were originally formed to test the purity of gold and other precious metals but now have a wider role.

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