How can you make money selling elephants you don't have to your clients?

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Well, what I mean is how can you sell services that you don’t have?

Is it a strange question? – Or is it the question that every Business Advisor, Management Consultant and Independent Sales Person constantly asks of themselves when confronted with an enquiry from a client that they don’t have the skills to deal with.

If only I could also do ………..(Is this an elephant in the room?) 

So how can you sell the elephant? - Or rather, how can you show the client you can sell him the exact elephant to help him with his enquiry?

Want an example? – OK, imagine you are a sales consultant and you are sitting with your client on a wet Wednesday afternoon reviewing the sales strategy document you have been working on.

The client suddenly looks up and says ‘have you any idea how much we have spent on product research and development, design, focus groups and market research?’

Turns out it’s a lot of money.

You ask the client if his company had looked at recovering some of that investment using the R & D Tax Credit scheme?

He didn’t think it applied to his company. – You know that it probably does.

He is suddenly interested and asks if this is a service you offer. – You tell him no, but you could probably connect him with someone who could go through it with him.

Not for the first time you wish you could simply say ‘yes and I can have someone call you tomorrow’ (or even today!).

So how do you deal with it in reality? – You probably know someone who could help. But what if you could ‘press a button’ and be confident that your client would indeed receive a call from an expert immediately?

Well there are ways that this can happen.

One answer is to connect yourself with a network of professional service providers that you trust. (And that will pay you referral fees).

Problem is that you never know what service the client is going to ask for.. so how do you know how many (or even which) service provider you should connect with?

What if it was all done for you?

Want to know how?

Why not find out by having a look at the Refer Square App.

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Michael Doree

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I am a huge believer in customer service and have a strong sense of how to get it right.

Having studied Pharmacology at Southampton University (all those years ago), I made the decision to move into mainstream commercial business and love being at the sharp end of sales and marketing.

Facilitating success is a passion of mine and this combined with a natural entrepreneurial focus is one of the main reasons I set up Refersquare.

As CEO, my primary focus at this stage is to make as many sales people aware that we exist. I also spend time engaging with the new users to ensure they are getting the most out of the app and to gather important feedback on how we can improve what we do.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and being out in the countryside on my bike.


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