Why fear is paralysing your business part 2

Ultimate culture killer Why fear is paralyzing your business part 2 former elite athlete forces you to play safe avoid pain and look for pleasure distorts your purpose scaling your business fear is holding you back set goals and take action towards achievement become ashamed asking for help get a mentor internal and Press pressure

Why fear is paralyzing your business part 2

In the first part of this blog I talked about how fear becomes the Ultimate culture killer! I looked at how football has changed and how the internal and Press pressures can create a blame culture. What’s more when we work with clients who have significant fears we have to explore and help them understand the effect this has on them and their staff that usually senses these fears

As a former elite athlete, one of the things I learnt from a very young age is how to condition the mind, which isn’t easy or quick to change. We need to make the things we think, say or do turn into a habit. Athletes tirelessly train repeatedly to improve their performance and achieve success.

Let’s look at the 5 affects of fear that Olympic athletes are faced with that can also ruin your business.

1] It forces you to play safe

Our deeply embodied fear of failure leads us to play safe. You feel pinned down, shackled in chains and unable to get free. The truth is we all play it safe when we are living in fear; we avoid pain and look for pleasure.  I have a question, what are you so afraid of? I’ve been down that road, its ok to fail, it really is.

There were times in my athletics career that I failed. When your going through failure it hurts, embrace it, in fact tear down your empire and recreate it. The key is not to become discouraged, many famous people have failed at least one time in their life. It’s the down times, you learn more from compared to the successes. So, when you hear that negative voice talking to you, fight back, re-invent yourself, be disruptive and stop playing it safe. Each week spend at least one hour strategically thinking how you can grow your business and from those ideas, execute with speed.

2]It distorts your purpose

If you’re an Olympic winning athlete or a business you have to have purpose. Fear causes this foggy effect (I call it brain fog), which causes our purpose much harder to find because those fearful voices start to question your actions. The best way is to keep your eyes on the ball, place reminders everywhere of why your doing, what your doing and who your doing it for. Create a vision board and visualize on a daily basis is a great way to raise your belief levels that can help you stay motivated.

3] It limits you to scale your business and grow as a person 

Even if your business is doing well, your fear of failure is preventing you from scaling your business.  It prevents you from becoming innovative, opening new markets, developing new products/services, not to hire more personnel, not to grow sales too quickly or extend offers.

And why? Because, we are scared of not being able to fulfill our obligations? And what’s the point in changing something if it’s all going rather well? Wrong! Human beings weren’t meant to survive, they were meant to thrive! I know deep down you want to thrive, however it’s that fear that is holding you back, like it held me back!

Lets look at it from a different perspective. Cancel out the fear, Think of what will happen if you don’t take the risks.

Take risks out, take opportunities out! Scaling happens when you fire with all guns blazing. Go all in 100% or not at all.

4] It creates an unhealthy force that impacts all areas of your life

As entrepreneurs, we have to wear a variety of different hats especially in the beginning. It requires us to wake up early, set goals and take action towards achievement. It also requires persistence and for us to be relentless. But our fears can block us from this achievement. Every area of our lives gets affected from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health as well as relationships. One of the things I learned from being an athlete was to focus and think of the alternative, what would the consequences be if I didn’t take action? Write down your consequences of not taking action.

5)  You become ashamed asking for help

Being an entrepreneur is tough, if anyone tells you its easy, they are lying! I know from experience we all think we can do everything. The reality is we all get stuck, make mistakes or feel doubtful. The reality is you don’t have all the knowledge, you’re not the expert at everything and you don’t have all the answers. I was ashamed of asking for help. What I found is that asking for help is not a sign of weakness it’s a sign of strength. Don’t be afraid to ask, go seek a mentor, a trainer or a friend, even if it’s just bounce some ideas off, you will feel much better.

So let’s finish on number 5, if you aren’t sure how to manage these fears don’t be ashamed to ask for help, contact me on  hello@adamstrong.net 

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Adam is a former elite athlete that trained with Mo Farah for 3 years and uses his skills from his athletic career and delivers world class results for entrepreneurs and medium sized companies.  He is a serial entrepreneur and has 4 different business from health, to real estate and consulting. 

He spends his spare time with his partner in Sweden and his children in the UK. 


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