How does a Power Woman do it?

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Today’s women are constantly having to face the pressures that are being put on them. 

Norms have changed and so have the roles that we play in society. More than those around us, we expect the most from ourselves - to do great in our careers, keep up with the changes of modern living,   to be present for our families, be able to cook gorgeous meals, and to maintain the best relationships in general. Being a modern woman is a balancing act! But empowerment shouldn’t have to be a tightrope walk, it’s simply a matter of self-trust and creativity. 

Vikki shares her secret to making it in her audio book, “Fundamentals to Becoming a Power Woman.”  She’ll walk  you through to achieving ultimate success in life, family & business.  Now, you won’t have to break your heels during the hustle. Her goal is to make the ride  as easy as possible for you. 

There’s a myriad of life guides out there and you don’t know where to look first.  But why consider starting with “Fundamentals to Becoming a Power Woman”? Simply because Vikki Thomas started out just like you  – feeling stuck, confused, and with little control over her life. Anybody can tell you how to do it; you can take a crash course to becoming wealthy which everybody had sworn it was impactful to their business lives but still leave the lecture room unsatisfied and uncertain. You may be a woman at her late 20s who wants to break through or that lady in her early 30s who her neighbors  think is already so accomplished, but she knows that there are always bigger business possibilities for her down the line, she’s just unsure how to get there because she’s been too comfortable for a while. Vikki curates every chapter of this audiobook for curious entrepreneurs and Power Women to make it feel more personal and close to each of their own experiences. 

Vikki is passionate about influencing you to channel the inner Power Woman in you.  She knows that it lives within every woman  – she understands the struggle between your career and your personal life – she knows that you’re not just a hard working woman but a dedicated mother as well; she sees that you are a vivacious friend, and that you’d like to make time for your inner circle, to  create friendships in every part of the world, and just have time for peaceful conversations with those who are closest to your heart; she can relate to you for she as well is a dependable wife who acknowledges that sharing quality time with her husband means respecting their marriage; she loves to sunbathe or have an occasional glass of cocktail as much as you do.  You may or may not be all of these, but what matters most is that you know how to balance your priorities as a Power Woman because you are your own leverage to achieving your goals. 

Fundamentals to Becoming a Power Woman is not exclusive to business women. This an audiobook for every dreamer of all genders and careers. This is also the perfect gift for your friends.  There are numerous topics in this audiobook that talk about where you are at this point of your life and make great conversation starters. This is for partners who support each other’s dreams. This is for the young who’d love to learn from the perspective of an established career woman. 

Women are more empowered when they support each other. Vikki Thomas will tell you about the limitless opportunities that are waiting for you.  Your dreams are bound to come true if you won’t let greatness intimidate you. 

She lays it all out for you at  

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How do you define success? Is it based on your net worth? Is it that moment when you are finally living the life that you have always envisioned? Or do you define success by how you are able to influence people through your decisions, charm and authority? Others may argue that success is a perspective. True enough, we live in a world where dreams vary yet more often than not are meant to be chased and only those who persevere get to have the taste of it. I never met a woman who has magnified success in every aspect of life - not until I met Vikki Thomas. 

Vikki’s success story is genuinely something everybody can connect with.  She didn’t grow up with opportunities served to her on a silver platter but she had one thing all of us have – A Dream.   That, coupled with determination. Like the rest of us, her dreams didn’t happen overnight, but she definitely made them happen. She had the drive to overcome hurdles and made the most out of every situation. 

We could be a little green-eyed sometimes when people around us become so successful, but not with Vikki. She always shares a piece of herself and makes sure that you are part of her quest,  and because of this, you can only feel sincere happiness for her. 

Of all values in life, compassion is one of those that is hardest to fake, and Vikki holds on to this in her core.  Her authenticity, commitment, integrity, and compassion for others made her the Real Estate Investor,  International Speaker,  Serial Entrepreneur, and the Author that she is today; these, plus being A Wife, A Mother, A Friend – A Power Woman.


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