How does behaviour affect performance at work?

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How does behaviour affect performance at work? How bad are you? 

For many years I have heard the cry “oh the soft stuff on behaviour, we need to work on performance and efficiency”!  Yet more and more work emerges confirming its peoples behaviour that really affects performance and success. I was recently reminded people are hired for skills and fired for attitude. 

Yet so many managers and leaders ignore this key aspect of business or worse think they understand it, which is interesting considering Doctors train for up to 7 years to get started.

Bad behaviours affect our lives daily and often we don’t even recognise how this affects individuals, teams, customers, performance and stress. However the start point and often restricting aspect for many people is learning what our own primary behavioural styles are and then accepting we are not perfect and learning to manage to our strengths and accept other people aren’t all A- holes, they are simply different! In fact they might think you are an A-hole?

Once we have even a basic understanding of types and styles we can start to see how the world fits together and how to balance organisations, teams, meetings to ensure we benefit from the rich and varied set of skills we all have. Yet we are often not allowed to use these because the loud guy won’t let me talk!! Or they won’t give me time to think, or even consider how I feel about this.

This understanding also helps us see where we are strong or weak, perhaps why we will never be good at decision making, or why we are lousy time managers, or hate conflict. All of this can be explained and the simple act of recognising why you or your colleagues behave in a certain way can have a huge effect on how you work and play.

How might this affect you today? Here are a few examples of problem behaviours

People won’t make a decision fast enough

Bringing a bad mood to work

I got ignored in a meeting, what's the point?

My time was wasted in a meeting, again!

A personal issue is being avoided

The team are all doing their own thing

I have far too much to do

People keep dumping stuff on me

No one will stand up to the customer

People are not listening

People are too slow

People don’t get all the facts right

And much more…………….please add your own

You may have completed a Psychometric test or two, Myers Briggs, Belbin, etc. and love knowing you are ENTJ, etc. These undoubtedly have value and for me opened the door to wanting to know more and how to effectively use this and other aspects. Reading books has value however most books on the subject become focussed on clinical proof and in many cases offer content too complex to utilise in a real world sense. So we pick on a few learning’s and sound clever, you probably met the type, often poor leaders?

I was lucky enough to meet and work with a remarkable Psychologist Dr Ed Glasscock, who was the first person I saw take a room of around 100 people and divide them into types. His definitions of styles and then the impact of everyone seeing and experiencing others like themselves and seeing others across the room they thought were A –Holes was remarkable. It really embedded the value of the learning and methods by which we handle and work with each other. This became a methodology we used to create the fastest growing UK Pharmaceutical sales force for 2 years and a company-wide essential within cultures I helped create over the following years.

We are now learning more through Neuroscience and MRI scanning on how our Brains work, how we communicate and make decisions and the processes we all use. Some of which you just cannot bypass with chat you need to understand how your brain works through the process

30 years on and the subject still fascinates me and delights me when I see huge changes in individuals and businesses either through Coaching or workshops.

Although I paint a picture of a highly complex subject, it’s remarkable how much people can learn in a day, with a clear, simple methodology. Thanks to Ed and others I love the days we fill a room and change lives.

You need to understand the way you behave and how your colleagues and customers behave, we all impact on each other and can be energisers or drains and are you set up to get the best decisions, solve problems, manage your time, collaborate???  Behaviour drives success for individuals and businesses.

Here’s the obvious advert! I would love to invite you to join my behaviour workshop for a day, have a look at  or see my profile below, its fun and the essence of excellence

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My working life has always involved working closely with people and delivering results. For nearly 30 years I have run behaviour programmes and been involved with many other methods of working with and analysing personality, performance and behaviour. Having enjoyed significant business success I believe that if we first build the people the people will build the business. Which in no way reduces the focus on clear business strategy and purpose. As a result I've already helped 11 people become Millionaires. 

So what do I do?... I inspire transformation

 A brief history 

35 years in healthcare Services. Pharma, Med devices, Med Tech and the Care sector Key player in building the worlds biggest Pharma services business Innovex/Quintiles, driving consistent growth from 30- 60% per annum. From the UK to the USA and Europe

Chaired 6 businesses and been on 11 Boards from £300m to start up. Raised funds and driven successful exits. 

Qualified as a Coach with Shirlaws the leading Global Coaching business. Still running and developing behaviour programmes. A Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. 

I own and run a Care business and am also a Non Exec Director of 2 companies involved in leading edge marketing support, such as Word of Mouth marketing I Coach a wide range of clients in multiple sectors. Understand the numbers, believe its strategy and people that make it all work. Have a look at my profile for full details and links


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