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I am based in Basingstoke or Amazingstoke as I like to call it. And for over 30 years I have helped small businesses to create more leads and convert more of those leads into sales. During that time a lot has happened in the marketing world. Back when I started out it was about buying the biggest yellow pages advert you could afford, sending out lots of letters and getting on the phone.

Now marketing is much more about investing time, as well as money.  

One of the biggest problems faced by 99% of all the business owners that I meet is "that they do not know what they do not know". In other words, they simply are not aware of the type of marketing that they could be doing and so they lose out on potential income and profit.

The simple fact is that because marketing is changing so much it is almost impossible to keep up to date. However, the truth is that as a small business owner you don't need to keep up. All you need to do is to know more than your competitors. In other words, your marketing needs to be outstanding, by standing out in your market.

So the questions is - How are you going to Raise your Sales & Marketing Game? One way is to find someone who knows this stuff well. 

Someone who is an expert in their field and who has over 30 years experience working with thousands of businesses in hundreds of industries and who has made millions of pounds for his clients. In other words - Someone like me!

Here is my offer - I would like to offer readers of the C500 website a free one to one Business Results meeting. This can be held either in my office or online. To book your meeting click Marketing Advice.

Here is an example of what you may not know:

  1. How to add your email list to LinkedIn and advertise to them on LinkedIn
  2. How you can advertise on Facebook to the people who visit your website
  3. How you can advertise on over 2.5 million Google partner websites to people who are interested in you on Google.
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Steve Mills

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The Prudent Marketer - Steve is an acknowledged leading marketing advisor, trainer and professional sales and marketing speaker with over 25 years of experience helping small business owners to grow.

Steve is a former international sportsman and he understands the value of having a good coach. When Steve went into business for himself he applied many of the principles he learned as a sportsman, including a continual and never-ending growth to be the best he could be. He now inspires his clients with the same ethos.

Steve is known as ‘The Prudent Marketer’. He is the author of four books on marketing. Steve doesn’t just deliver ideas; he really helps his clients make those ideas work for their business in a practical way. He really cares about people and wants to make a difference by sharing with others what he does best. Steve is committed to consistent and never-ending improvement, both personally and for those he works with.

Steve is the founder of ‘The LinkedIn Academy which is privately run and is not owned, or endorsed by LinkedIn plc.


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