Do greater levels of R and D funding and innovation success go hand in hand?

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Does greater levels of R and D funding lead to innovation success is an interesting question.

It is logical to expect that greater levels of R and D funding will improve your chances of innovation success, so the answer should be yes, but this is not always the case.

Having read a lot of the research on this area, I was surprised to find that there is “no statistical relationship between dollars spent on innovation and financial performance” (Source: PWC USA - based on their Global Innovation 1000 study). This might come as a surprise to you so it is worth looking further at the reasons behind this.

In essence, spending on R and D does not amount to innovation success. This is because, in a large number of Companies, the R and D funding is not being targeted or benchmarked by its impact on reducing costs, increasing revenues and profits or driving shareholder value. The focus has been on the technical requirements of innovation which have not been closely tied to the overall growth strategy of the business.

Companies have to assess their customer needs at the start so that they produce products and services that customers actually need and are willing to pay for. The business that is allocating R and D funding needs to align their investment and innovation strategy with the overall aims of the business. This need for a 360 degree approach to the business is a sentiment which I think was well captured by Forbes in the formula below.

Innovation = Invention + customer + business model” (Source Forbes)

Successful innovators invest time, management expertise and money in all three areas – so keep that in mind when developing your innovation strategy.

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