How do I make word of mouth marketing and influencer marketing increase my business?

word of mouth word of mouth marketing influencer marketing

Word of Mouth is experiencing a ‘Back to the Future’ theme in that companies are increasingly paying on-line digital influencers to spread the word about their company and paying them. In fact this isn’t true word of mouth marketing, it’s advertising or a form of sponsorship of that individual. Just ask yourself ;when I tried a new restaurant how did I hear about it? Who influenced you with your car purchase – it’s likely a friend or someone you know gave you ride in a car. Who do you ask for inspiration on travel?

What companies don’t realise and ignore are the startling facts:

  • 80% of all Word of Mouth still happens via face to face
  • 20% of all Word of Mouth conversations happen on line
  • 10% of any market at your Advocates – your net promoters exist whether you talk with them or not
  • Word of Mouth has the highest conversion rate of any form of marketing at 1:3

Here are myths around Word of Mouth Marketing:

  • It just happens I can’t change the conversion rate
  • My product, brand or service is boring so there’s no point doing it
  • There isn’t a science or a system to drive Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Social Media is the best way to drive Word of Mouth Marketing.

There are now at least 250 blue chips who use Word of Mouth Marketing and there’s a system which can be applied to radically increase engagement with your advocates and the result of that is more sales for free. We have a system to grow your Advocate base which is based on the experience ofincreasing sales for blue chip companies like Danone as well as entrepreneurial start ups and small business. We spend a 5 figure sum commissioning the research to understand how Word of Mouth really works and it’s about managing 5 key steps.

  • Exposure – How do people hear about your brand, product or service and what role do Advocates have in that?
  • Experience – How do people first try your brand – is it alone, at a social gathering was it with Fans of the product?
  • Involvement – How easy is it for people to get involved with your organisation, so if I have recommendations or ideas for new products what channels do you have set up for that?
  • Connection – How do people deepen their connection with you and feel like VIP’s?
  • On-going Conversations – What are you doing to excite your Advocates and get them talking about you?

We’ve set up a private group where we are developing materials to help you take advantage of this science, they aren't in the public domain yet.  If you want to know more you’ll be on the inside track because they haven’t been released publicly yet. E-mail Code word WOMBLE

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Jake Pearce

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"Different to get better results". Jake is obsessed with marketing ROI. He helps companies amplify word of mouth to get business more easily. He uses Meanomathics to boost Comms cut through 10-30%. He uses co-creation to future proof innovation - he turned around a drinks category providing 15% growth using professional co-creation. And he helps top CEO and celebrities with their personal branding and brand purpose, which links back to Word of Mouth marketing. 

Worked with Vodafone,Kellogg'sMcDonalds,ANZ,McDonalds,Suntory,Danone,HSBC,Barclays,BAT,Meat Brands,Saatchi&Saatchi,Draft FCB,Fairbrother Industries, Les Mills, Holmes Place, Grey and a host of digital start-ups.

Jake Pearce is a specialist in brand planning, development & innovation. Jake is currently working on a Word of Mouth Marketing start-up, a personal branding start-up and new delivery systems for wellness products. - for brand development and innovation - for word of mouth marketing expertise


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