Should we be worried about air pollution in our homes and offices?

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Last month (15th June 2017), it was the inaugural #NationalCleanAirDay. What a great campaign to encourage us to think about the air we breathe and whether we are getting enough fresh air into our bodies. It provoked thoughts about the amount of pollution we create. Could we walk or cycle instead and leave the car at home? How can we best avoid air pollution? As someone passionate about health, fitness and well-being I was delighted to see this campaign up and running.

The connection between air pollution and our health has been known for years. In the short term it has been linked to eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, fatigue, poor sleep, viral symptoms and in the long term respiratory and cardio-vascular diseases, asthma; furring of the arteries and lung cancer to name only a few of the associated health problems. In fact the World Health Organization has gone as far to say, “Indoor air pollution is one of the greatest threats to human life”. It’s like an invisible killer. For further reference:

BUT WHAT ABOUT OUR HOMES and OUR OFFICES where people spend the majority of their time? Is there Air Pollution here? Should we be worried about this? Well the simple answer is YES and YES!

Whilst researching a solution for my husband and teenager who suffer badly this time of year with hayfever, I was amazed to stumble across what really is going on in our homes, offices and schools. This is what I discovered:

90% of our time is spent INDOORS


Indoor pollutants such as CARBON MONOXIDE, POLLEN, MOLD, DUST MITES, EXCESSIVE CARBON DIOXIDE, VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS, RADON, and AIRBORNE BACTERIA and VIRUSES and other chemicals can cause irritation and can contribute to many other more serious HEALTH CONCERNS. See for reference:

So, that got me thinking. I wondered how clean the air was in my own home! I decided to do my own testing in our house that comprises two dogs, one cat, three kids, and the normal hustle and bustle of family life! I bought myself a hand held air monitor

and duly went about testing each room. Now for someone who is quite house proud, I was devastated to find the air quality in a couple of my rooms was poor quality, the lounge being the worst and only ‘fair’ in the other rooms I tested. Bearing in mind the monitor could have scored me good, very good or excellent, I was somewhat perturbed.

Not wanting to leave it at that, I researched the market for a small portable air purification system that I could use in my home and this Award winning one impressed me the most

– not the cheapest, but you really do get what you pay for, and it’s a small price to pay when it comes to your health.

After just 10 minutes on a medium setting the system improved the air quality significantly taking the results to next best level on all counts. With it’s 11-stage filtration system it had already started to filter out particles as small as 0.3 microns (for comparison, the diameter of a human hair is 50-70 microns).

I for one am really grateful I found out about this potential hazard in our homes. I’m very pleased I have done something about it and I’m looking forward to seeing the boys’ hayfever improve as well as having the peace of mind that the majority of the breaths my family take each day will be in cleaner air.

If you are interested in getting hold of the Air Purification System that I am using then here’s the link again, and if you do go for it, it’s well worth getting the lifetime warranty too as you’ll get 7 year’s worth of replacement filters for free:



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My job is helping people to live a healthy, active life especially through my association with all natural, toxin-free products which vastly improve our health and well-being and the immediate environment we live in.

I am an Age Group Triathlete, Silver Medalist at the World Masters Games 2017 and formerly 8th in the World.

I have represented both New Zealand and Great Britain and raced in 6 World Championships, 3 European Championships and 1 World Masters Games over the last 7 years

Finally, but by no means least, I am a mum of three great kids! 


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