What difference would it make if you were a published author?

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 Have you thought what a difference it could make to your standing in the marketplace if you were seen to be a published author?

From a credibility perspective, having a properly published paperback book in your name, immediately positions you as an expert in your field and a go-to person for answers and solutions.  It also makes you media friendly because, as you are an author on your specialist subject you will be the first person they turn to fora comment when a story breaks.

In reality, an eBook doesn't achieve the same results, it needs to be a professional published book - well proofread, well designed , and something that you can be proud of. But where do you start? The good news is that there are multiple choices open to you.

You could of course, approach a publisher direct, but if you are a new author with no track record of sales, you probably won't get the reception you might have hoped for - if you can any response at all!

You could approach a Literary Agent and, if they like what you have written, they may agree to represent you and promote your manuscript to the commissioning editors at the international book fairs. This can be a time consuming process, and there is no guarantee, a year later, that your manuscript will be taken up.

There is much talk about Self Publishing and there is no reason why you can't go down that route. If you do, bear in mind that every year in the UK there  is one book published every 20 minutes - a total of 184,000 in a year, from the traditional publishing houses.  in addition to that there are around 900,000 self published book launched each year - never mind the tsunami of eBooks.

The point is that, if you book is going to be visible in the market place and found by people looking for the  the difference you can make to them, it is going to take a bit more than printing some books and hoping for the best. you will need to know about getting it into the supply chain and viable to the book shops.

To find out what this means, on Tuesday July 27th,  at 6 pm in the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall, there is an opportunity to meet up with a room full of new and established authors all on that same journey. you can ask them questions  and learn what they did to get their book to market.  AuthorCraft is the Professional Network for Authors which meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month (except August and December).  First time visitors are always free of charge. To find out more go to www.authorcraft.co.uk 

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Chris Day

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Chris Day is passionate about publishing and helping people who have spent a lifetime making regular deposits into the Bank of Knowledge to make a withdrawal - and turn their knowledge into income.  He is an author and ghostwriter, speaker and coach and founded Filament Publishing nearly two decades ago. He is also the founder of the professional network for authors, AuthorCraft which meets every month at the the Institute of Directors  at 116 Pall Mall.

Many of his authors are business owners or entrepreneurs want to use their book s to raise their profile in their market place; position themselves  as an expert in their field; make them media friendly and a 'go-to' person for knowledge and inspiration.

Prior to starting his publishing company, Chris was with the head office of Encyclopaedia Britannica in change of training and communications. As one of the largest publishers in the world at that time, Brtiannica gave Chris a great love of books,  innovative marketing techniques and routes to market.  

Chris gives talks to potential authors around the country and help them to understand how to use their knowledge to build a successful business, with their books at the heart of it.

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