Moving Your Business Past Brexit

Moving Your Business Past Brexit Think global Mervyn King bullish about Brexit Enter new markets Department of International Trade DIT planning for Brexit

You need to give thought to Moving your Business Past Brexit.

Are you bullish about Brexit? Or are you a bear with a headache coming on?

Either way, perhaps you have decided that Brexit is inevitable and that you need to begin planning again so where do you start? 

Well, if you already export to markets outside of the UK you need to get your head around how the landscape could change...... and it's not all bad news!

Regardless of whether you voted to Remain or Leave the EU, you need a strategy that perhaps needs to be a bit more agile than you had planned, and which may mean that your marketing, business development and even the definition of what a new customer looks like, may need to change.

For many businesses, Brexit will be a huge opportunity to enter new markets, find new partners and to develop without many of the constraints that being a full member of the EU entails. Indeed, some of these opportunities will only be possible if the UK is no longer part of the Single Market.

In an interview by BBC Radio 4 in December 2016, the former Governor of The Bank of England  - Mervyn King -delivered quite an upbeat and informed perspective of the way forward.. Have a listen.....

If you are thinking about investigating other territories or markets, there are many organisations that can help. - For example, the newly named 'Department of International Trade'... (This used to be called UKTI, or UK Trade and Investment).

Have a look at:

Think of it this way;  soon "all the world is a stage" - a BIG stage, and potentially YOUR stage and one that was not as available to you as it was before Brexit. 

So have a plan, focus on the real positives and seek as much help as you can from both the UK Government (via the DIT) and other organisations. - Keep doing business with your customers at home and in the EU, but start thinking about how you connect with customers in North America, Australia, New Zealand, China and South America. One way or another a trade deal with the EU will be put in place post Brexit, but you will no longer be constrained by the rules imposed by the EU that dictate who and how you trade outside of the EU.

Move Your Business Past Brexit and think global.

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