Will Brexit Affect Your Business?

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So will Brexit affect your business? - If so, how?

I guess if we all knew the answer to that we would be in a better place, (at least from the perspective of being able to plan).

I want to try to get a real flavour for what the UK business community believes the impact of Brexit is likely to be on their specific businesses and I would really appreciate hearing from fellow execs and business owners... What do YOU think is the likely outcome for YOUR business?

Do you have contingency plans? (If there is no tariff - free access to the Single Market). 

Are you already reaching out to non-EU markets? - Which ones?

Do you think this will be the start of a raft of new trade agreements with other countries and which will massively benefit the UK?

Do you think you will be worse or better off in the short term? - What about in the medium to long term?

On a scale of 1 to 5, (5 being most confident and 1 being least confident) how confident are you that it will be a good thing for your business? (Do it twice... once for the short term and once for medium to longer term).

As a stakeholder in the commercial success of UK Plc, how would you answer the above questions from the perspective of the entire UK business community?

If enough people respond, I will publish the results in a later post. - Please feel free to respond by adding a comment below, or by contacting me directly via my profile.

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Paul Comyn
It will impact on a very large of businesses either directly or indirectly. It will directly impact on those international businesses that export to Europe. Over 50% of exports are to the Euro Zone. It will also indirectly impact on UK based businesses that don't export because they will be importing their raw materials/ good services from the Euro Zone or will be acquiring them from another UK business that is directly affected. To date the biggest impact has been on the value of Sterling which has increased costs.
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