Synergie16 Business Club - Wed 4th October

SYNERGIE16 BUSINESS CLUB wishes to welcome you into the fold this Wed 4th October.

After an amazing launch party at the beginning of Sept we are delighted to be back at Jewry where it's ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS and making business FUN!

We had over 70 guests hailing from many different sectors finance, film, events, marketing, digital, coaching, property, sales, music, fashion and health. We believe in keeping the industries mixed rather than sector specific and we really do have someone for everyone to meet.

Those who attended the launch night have LIFE MEMBERSHIPand will never have to pay for entry so come back and bring a trusted business colleague or friend.

Plus we love to add a bit of entertainment with the Magic Man DAVID HARRIS tickling your mind and the SPOTLIGHT SHOW.Last time we had the awesome TIM DINGLE. Catch him sharing his story and more HERE and hear how you can BE AMAZING EVERY DAY!

For the October SPOTLIGHT SHOW we have Multi Award Winning International Speaker, Thought Leader, Coach, Author and Publisher MINDY GIBBINS-KLEIN MBA FPSA FRSA.

Her flagship book 24 Carat BOLD outlines the four attributes found in true thought leaders. Her latest book The Thoughtful Leader takes thought leadership to a new level.

Founder and CEO of REAL Thought Leaders, The Book Midwife®and Panoma Press, Mindy has authored and co-authored eight books. She is also a regular contributor to the business press on thought leadership and raising your profile.

Mindy’s clients have successfully written and published more than 500 books and hundreds of bold and opinionated articles, positioning themselves as real thought leaders in their field.

We look forward to welcoming you on Wed 4th October.

If there is a business or service you particularly want to get connected with, let us know and we will get you connected!

PS. Remember it pays to be early! Every first NEW guest is entered into the 1st Club as is the VIP of the night and is given LIFE MEMBERSHIP



Sarah Pemberton
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