Excelat- The Business of Excellence

Excelat is about the business of excellence.      

  • With over 30 years running successful businesses from start up to £500 mill and studying and delivering programmes around behaviour I see excellence in most people and organisations, I also see the gaps.
  • I currently have my own business and am  Chairman and Director of others, so as well as being well read and trained as a Coach, I understand the daily issues faced in Business. To be a truly successful  Coach I believe you need more than a training course to really help people excel
  • I help leaders and business owners create value and get more from life.
  • I will help you understand that creating Value is much more than P&L and more about how we create a sustainable business that will create a multiple that is more attractive to potential buyers.
  • It usually takes very personal discussions about you and detailed and challenging discussions about where your business could go and how you can get there. This is when you become inspired to transform.
  • I help individuals understand who they are and how they can get the most from life.
  • I often focus on behaviours as they are the basis of high performing leaders and businesses, however I am very committed to understanding the measures and numbers, which often hide huge potential.

Source: http://www.excelat.co.uk/index.html


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