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How do you break a duopoly? Pure duopolies can be incredibly strong and hard to break, even near duopolies can be the same. Think of Pepsi and Coke, Apple phones and Samsung are another example with 15% and 20% share respectively1 . &...
word of mouth case studies word of mouth marketing referral marketing marketing science womtwo.com marketing ROI sports marketing breaking market duopoly WOM affiliate marketing advocates advocate marketing champions building a marketing movement word of mouth science marketing science

Selling beer is a fickle business. In the 70's you knew that a beer was a badge of a tribe. In the 80's a badge of lifestyle but by the 90's it had become a badge around occasion. Put simply, ...
Word of Mouth Marketing Marketeers word of mouth marketing word of mouth marketing case studies beer word of mouth marketing marketeers don't know how to do word of mouth marketing

CEO’s- know purpose drives profit –  but everyone’s forgotten about how personal purpose drives profitThere’s a commercial problem – unhappy people are costing companies productivity and profit:70% of the workforce of the USA ...
#company purpose #finding company purpose #company purpose ROI #the real way to find company purpose #HR Managers way to company purpose

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Storing stem cells can protect the future health of your childrenWe are the largest stem cell bank and offer a range of affordable services to today's generation who want to insure against the uncertainties of the future
why store stem cells for a child Experts in stem cell processing How to protect the health of your children Stem cell bank

Is your accountancy practice fully exploiting the R&D tax credits business opportunity? - I can help you address this question as part of a CPD workshop on R&D tax credits.It provides a great training opportunity, ...
Free training for accountants on R and D Tax Credits Is your accountancy practice fully exploiting R and D tax credits? Accountants should refer more clients for R and D Tax Credits Free R and D Tax workshops for accountants CPD for Accountants Training for Accountants

Investing in gold – a first time buyers guideBuying gold can seem like a minefield, especially if you’ve never done it before so it’s important to understand what you’re buying and why it’...
Investing in gold for the first time - a buyers guide A first time guide to investing in gold What do I need to know to invest in gold for the first time? Is gold a good investment for an amateur? What do I need to know about investing in gold?

Give the gift of gold this Valentine’s DayIf you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that will show someone how precious they are to you, why not give them the world’s most ...
Forget the roses give gold Give gold this Valentines Day Invest in gold instead of roses Give a gold sovereign Give someone precious the most precious metal

FlexiFly's Pilatus PC-12 Aircraft is Available for “Dry” Hire.Our Pilatus PC12 aircraft registered G-KARE (built in 2011) is available for short term rentals by end-users for pre-agreed itineraries.The Pilatus PC-12 is a 9-seat pressured aircraft with ...
Flexifly.co.uk FlexiFly Beat the airport crowds Hire your own aircraft The Pilatus PC-12 Executive aircraft hire Affordable aircraft hire

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